1930s Jungle Gum (R78)
World Wide Gum Co., Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Series Title: Jungle Gum
ACC No.: R78
Issued by: World Wide Gum Co. (Goudey)
Country: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Number of Cards: 48
Numbering: skip-numbered 1 to 71
Card Dimensions: 61 × 74 mm
Circa: 1930s


Start A Zoo - As You Chew is the advertising copy of the reverse of these cards. The advertising copy, also states: This is one of a series of 192 Cards of Wild Animal Life. If you believed that, you would still be trying to collect 144 non-existent cards. The set was issued by World Wide Gum, and is a classic example of skip-numbering to promote card sales. The first 24 cards are sequentially numbered from 1 to 24. The next 24 cards start at 25 and are odd-numbered through 71. The descriptive text and advertising copy, are located on the reverse side of the cards in green print. The animal studies used in Jungle Gum were copied directly from the Hassan Cigarette Animal Series of 1910. Two wrappers are associated with the series, both are the same design, but one is wax paper and the other is plain paper. The American card catalog number for the series is R78.



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