1954 Power for Peace (R701-10)
Bowman Gum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA/small>

Title: Power for Peace
ACC No.: R701-10
Issued by: Bowman Gum Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
No. of Cards: 96
Numbering: 1 to 96
Dimensions: 2 ½ × 3 ¾ inches
Circa: 1954
Checklist: Download


During 1954, the Bowman Gum Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, issued the 96-card “Power for Peace” series of military collector cards. The front of each card featured the most modern weaponry available to America’s Armed Forces as of 1954. The fronts of the cards were not captioned or titled. The backs of the cards contained the red “Power for Peace” logo with the card number embedded within the logo; the card title; a descriptive text; a copyright line; and an “Official Photo“ of … caption. The American Card Catalog Number for this series is R701-10. We do not know of an album associated with the set.

Typical R701-10 “Power for Peace” Card Front

Typical R701-10 “Power for Peace” Card back


Wrapper and Display Box

The R701-10 Power for Peace 1¢ and 5¢ wrappers are presented in a red, white and blue color scheme with the word “POWER” printed in yellow with a red outline. There were both the 1¢ and 5¢ denomination display boxes. Color photos of the 1¢ wrapper and display box are presented below. We are in need of high quality images for the 5¢ wrapper and display box. The images for the 5¢ wrapper are very low quality.



“Power for Peace R701-10”
R701-10 Checklist
Card No.XCard Title
1Iceberg Patrol
2Navy’s New Type PT
3Supersonic Delta Wing Interceptor
4One-Eyed Photographic Giant
5No Hot Air Here!
6Seagull Spews Marines
7Stratojet Take-Off
8Titanic Tank
9PBY Answers SOS
10Snorkel Jeep
11Sees All - Hears All!
128½ Ounce Duck Fights Fire
13Saves - Sends - Serves
14No Kick Here!
15No Fooling - Refueling!
16Army Takes A Vest
17Won Battle Stars In Two Areas
18Marines Land Again!
19Look Ma - No Hands!
20TV On the Battlefront
21Small Boats - Big Job!
22Ammo Movers
236000 Pounds of Thrust
24Atomic Cannon Test
25U.S.C.G. Cadets Cruise to Europe
26New Amphibian Assault Vehicle
27Unmanned “Matador” Takes Off
28Citizen Solders
29U.S.C.G. “Eagle” in Flight
30Marines Inflate Boats Fast
31Four F-84 Thunderjets Over Japan
323-in-One Machine Gun
33U.S. Icebreakers Traverse Northwest Passage
34FJ Furies in Flight
35X-3 Flying Laboratory
36Recoilless Rifles
37New U.S.C.G. Patrol Boat
38Phantom Jets Over El Morro
39“Firebee” - Turbo-Jet Target
40The “Barc” - 60 Tons on 10 Ft. Tires
41That’s My Buoy!
42Aerial Curiosity Proves Its Worth
43First Test of YH-16 “Transporter”
44“Mechanical Mule”
45“Starfire“ on High
46“Flying LST”
47Modern Aerial Warrior
48Tank Climbs 3 Ft. Vertical Wall
49Emergency Pressure Suit
50Tanks for the Infantry
51Lifesaver at “Pork Chop” Hill
52New Amphibious Carrier “Otter”
53“Mighty Mite”
54Helicopter Flies Off With 50 Ft. Hangar
55Marines Move Out!
56Hot Spot
57Rocket-Launcher Proved Effective
58Spotting Targets
59“Honest John” Takes Off
60The “Corporal” Is Tough!
61Guide Missile “Nike”
62Helicopter Flies 156.005 Miles Per Hour!
63Large and Heavy - But Light
64Republic YF-84J
66Weather Station
67Jet Jockies Scramble
68Air Force Strato-Jet
69The B-57-B Can Sting!
70140 Miles Up!
71Air Vigil in Japan
72Navy Test Center
73Viking Number Four
747½ Ton Missile Makes 3900 MPH
75Sperry “Sparrows” Hang from Skynight
76F3H Demon
77Divers Dig Up Dollars
78A Man’s Blood Boils Above 63,000 Feet
79Soar Straight Up - Land on a Dime!
80USS Perch in Arctic Waters
81This Nose Listens!
82The “Coke Bottle”
83USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB42)
84Armed Service Go to Helicopters
85The Baby of Battle Tested Planes
86This Fighter Is a Vertical Riser
87Frogmen Swim a Mile - Then Win Fins
88Over 15 Miles Up!
89USS Forrestal
9016“ Salvo from the ”Mighty Mo“
91USS Coral Sea (CVB43)
92Carrier Strike
93Atomic Submarine - USS Nautilus
94Hunter Killer Team
95Baby Bomber
96The Navy’s Martin Marlin


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  2. John A. Shupek: Card images from the Skytamer Archive Digital Image Database.

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