1942 “Heroes of Pearl Harbor” (R66)
Candyland Company, United States

  • Series Title: Heroes of Pearl Harbor
  • American Card Catalog Number: R66
  • Issued by: Candyland Company
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Number of Cards: 8 known cards (unnumbered)
  • Card Dimensions: 1⅞×3 inches
  • Packing: Two different cards per box as part of a package design
  • Circa: 1942
  • Checklist: Download


The R66 “Heroes of Pearl Harbor” is a package design set that was most likely issued in 1942 by the Candyland Company of Brooklyn, New York. There were two “Heroes ” on each candy-box. When properly cut from the candy-box, the cards measure 1⅞×3 inches. There are currently eight known titles in the set. This would imply that only four complete candy-boxes were associated with the collection. However, we've yet been able to confirm this assumption. The blank-Backed cards are red and blue with some white accents, and are not numbered. The cards were machine “scored ” on the left and right edges and have “nubs ” to facilitate easy removal from the candy-box. The American Card Catalog reference number is R66.

Typical R66 “Heroes of Pearl Harbor” Card Front


The following image guide is for the eight known R66 “Heroes of Pearl Harbor” cards. If you know of any other, please let us know.


The 1942 “Heroes of Pearl Harbor” (R66) set is comprised of the following 8 cards.

1942 “Heroes of Pearl Harbor” (R66)
Candyland Company
xCard Title
Capt. Colin Kelly Jr., Who Sank the Haruna
Lieutenant Hans C. Christianson
Private Elmer W. South
Private Ralph S. Smith
Private Robert B. Niedzwiecki
Private William M. Northway
Rear Admiral Isaac Campbell Kidd
2nd Lieutenant Louis G. Moslener

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A very special thanks to Peter Crane and Richard Lapointe, for helping us with this collection.

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