War Gum
Gum Inc., United States

  • Series Title: War Gum
  • American Card Catalog Number: R164
  • Issued by: Gum, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • Number of Cards: 132
  • Card Dimensions: 2-1/2" x 3-1/8"
  • Circa: 1941-42

Typical R164 "War Gum" Card Front


The "War Gum" trading card set by Gum, Inc., was the last of the great bubble gum card series to be issued in the United States before the war effort cut off all supplies of essential materials. The 132-card series began distribution in 1941 and continued well into 1942. The timing of the series allowed the Gum, Inc. team to cover many of the current events of the war; to report the actions of the first American heroes; and to spotlight many Allied leaders as well.

The artwork featured in the series tends to focus on the bravery of Allied servicemen and leaders, rather than on enemy atrocities, i.e. "Horrors of War" series. The cards are captioned both front and Back, however some of the titles differ slightly, mostly in the use of abbreviations. The cards are numbered on the Back only. The American Card Catalog number for the series is R164.

Typical R164 "War Gum" Card Back

Booklets vs. Album

As far as we know, there were no formal albums associated with this series. However, Rand McNally did publish some companion children's wartime booklets that featured artwork from both the R164 "War Gum" and the R157 "Uncle Sam" series by Gum, Inc. The booklets were No. 372 "America's Army," and No. 373 "America's Navy." Both of these 80-page booklets measured 4-1/8" x 5-3/8" x 5/16" (thick) and were published in 1942.

America's Army Booklet

America's Navy Booklet

Series Wrapper

There are at least seven wrappers associated with the series. It is generally assumed that the first four, or "map" wrappers were used for the first series of cards ... no's. 1 to 84. The "map" wrappers were actual miniature maps of the war zones, showing Pearl Harbor, the Philippines, French Indo-China and Malaya, and Wake Island. The map wrappers all share the same color scheme: the land masses are white, the water is blue, and the word "WAR" is orange with thin blue outlines around the letters and jagged edges. The "Charging Infantryman" wrapper, for which at least three color schemes are know, was most likely used for the second series of cards ... no's. 85 to 132. Note ... all of these wrappers are very rare, and command premium prices ... $400 and up in EX condition!

R164 "Pearl Harbor" Series 1 Wrapper

R164 "Philippines" Series 1 Wrapper

R164 "Wake Island" Series 1 Wrapper

R164 "Malaya" Series 1 Wrapper
( Special thanks to Vladislav Kuchta for sending us this scan. )

R164 "Charging Infantryman" Series 2 Green — Wrapper

R164 "Charging Infantryman" Series 2 Orange — Wrapper

R164 "Charging Infantryman" Series 2 Yellow — Wrapper

Image Guide


  1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  2. First American Shot Fired
  3. Admiral Harold R. Stark
  4. Dying Captain Carries On
  5. Admiral Ernest Joseph King
  6. U.S. Destroyer Sinks Enemy Sub
  7. Cordell Hull
  8. U.S. Sailor Mans Five-Inch Gun Alone
  9. Admiral Thomas Charles Hart
  10. Defense of Wake Island
  11. General Douglas A. MacArthur
  12. Rear Guard Holds Japs At Bay
  13. Captain Colin P. Kelly, Jr.
  14. Filipinos Destroy 154 Jap Boat
  15. Winston Churchill
  16. U.S. Flyer Strafes Jap Airdrome
  17. The Chiangs
  18. Observer Spots Jap Battleship
  19. General George Marshall
  20. Filipinos Attack 54 Jap Planes
  21. General Sir Archibald P. Wavell
  22. Dutch Sea-Air Offensive
  23. Luzon's ''Sergeant York''
  24. Luzon Repels New Year's Push
  25. Luzon's Star Anti-Aircraft Unit
  26. Malayans Check Jap Landing
  27. ''Heron'' Fights Off Jet Planes
  28. Trapping Jap Suicide Bicyclist
  29. Three U.S. Pilots Faces 108 Japs
  30. Commandos ''Bag'' a Jap General
  31. Heroic Dutch Stand at Tarakan
  32. Major General H. G. Bennett
  33. Sub Sinks 17,000-Ton Jap Liner
  34. U.S. Torpedo Boat Attacks Jap Ship
  35. Major Trapnell Wins a D.S.C.
  36. MacArthur's Men Beat Off Japs
  37. Japs Kill U.S. Hero Bailing Out
  38. Filipino Guerrillas Raid Airdrome
  39. Battle of Macassar Straight
  40. Survives Mine-blasted Sub
  41. Torpedo Boat Attack Jap Bombers
  42. U.S. ''Tigers'' Blast Jap Column
  43. 2nd Lieut. A. R. Nininger, Jr.
  44. Midway Island Defines the Japs
  45. Guns Blast Corregidor Invasion
  46. Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
  47. Mixed Battalion Smashes Japs
  48. Singapore's Last Hours
  49. Corregidor Speaks!
  50. Ex-Football Star Is Death to Japs
  51. Dutch Kill Sky Troops at Sumatra
  52. Filipino Wins Congressional Medal
  53. Tank Riding Igorots Wipe Out Japs
  54. Third Congressional Medal Winner
  55. ''Ace'' Lieutenant Edward H. O'Hare
  56. Moro Tribesmen Slaughter Invaders
  57. Dutch Hero Destroys Tanks and Self
  58. McArthur's Planes Sink Jap Ships
  59. Allied Planes Raid Jap Island
  60. Bombers Attack Japs in New Guinea
  61. Flyers Sail 1000 Miles on Life Raft
  62. McArthur Starts Dash to Australia
  63. Cruiser's Light Saves 116 Men
  64. Mountbatten of the Old Commandos
  65. Commando Raid on St. Nazaire
  66. Spectacular 4000-Mile Raid on Philippines
  67. Tokyo Bombed!
  68. Boyd Wagner, the Jap-Killer
  69. British Seize Madagascar
  70. To Great Coral Sea Victory
  71. Doolittle Receives Congressional Medal
  72. Daring Sub Saves Corregidor's Gold
  73. Hangman Heydrich Assassinated
  74. Cologne Devastated by 1250 R.A.F. Warplanes
  75. British Capture Rommel's Chief Aide
  76. Brigadier General Channault of the Tigers
  77. Ukrainian Guerrillas Blast Troop Train
  78. The Battle of Midway
  79. Ensign Views Midway Battle from Sea
  80. MacArthur's Filipino Aid-de-Camp
  81. Plane Drops Flag on Unknown Soldier's Tomb
  82. Army Bombers Blast Japs, Off Aleutians
  83. U.S. ''Liberators'' Sink Italian Cruiser
  84. Stalking the Axis Submarine Raiders
  85. Russian Girl Sniper Wins Coveted Medal
  86. U.S. Sinks Jap Ship at Launching
  87. Ship Gunner Braves Torpedoes in Sinking
  88. American Aces Smash Jap Airdrome in Canton
  89. Yank Flier's Bombs Wreck Nazis Supply Trains
  90. R.A.F. Scourges Hamburg
  91. American Marines Attack Solomon Islands
  92. Navy Task Force Cripples Japs in Aleutians
  93. Makin Island Raid
  94. Eaker Leads First All-American Bombing
  95. Diepper Raided by Commandos
  96. Biggest Air Victory
  97. General Charles De Gaulle
  98. Wing Commander Douglas R. Bader, Legless Pilot
  99. Emperor Haile Selassie
  100. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
  101. Miss Lee Ya-Chiang, China's First Girl Pilot
  102. Marshall Semion Budenny
  103. Sergeant Garth L. Nowell, British Ace
  104. Victor Talalikhin, Russian Air Hero
  105. Eve Curie, De Gaullist Worker
  106. Raymond Collishaw, Britain's Greatest Aviator
  107. Lieutenant General Jan Christian Smuts
  108. King George II of Greece
  109. Human Bombs Blow Up Tanks
  110. Commandos Raid Tobruch
  111. U.S. Bombers Attack Subs in Aleutians
  112. Cutter Rams Big Italian Submarine
  113. Blasting Japs on Burma Road
  114. Dive Bombers Sink Returning Japs
  115. Flying Boat Captures Sub Crew
  116. Captain George ''Ed'' Kiser
  117. Wilkie Visits World Battlefronts
  118. MacArthur Honors Fighter Hero
  119. Melnick, the Cossack
  120. Marines Peppers Attackers of Hero
  121. Yank High-Altitude Bombers
  122. Brave Children of Malta
  123. Lieutenant Paine Saves ''Phyllis''
  124. Alaskan ''Flying Tigers''
  125. Bombers Fire Little Factories
  126. Marshall Semion Timoshenko
  127. Youngest Soviet Soldier
  128. MT Boats Assail Jap Warships
  129. Negro Swimmer Tows Survivors
  130. ''Marauder'' Blast Jap Destroyers
  131. Australia's General Rowell
  132. Heroic Defense of Stalingrad

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Special Thanks

A very special thanks to Vladislav Kuchta from Prague, Czech Republic for sending us a scan of the R164 "Malaya" Series 1 Wrapper. Vladislav is a long-time collector of chewing gum wrappers. He has over 100,000 items in his collection. Be sure to visit his website

Also, another special thanks to Joseph Savoie for helping us complete the "Image Guide" section for this collection.

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