WWII U.S. Navy - Series A (R112-6)
Leaf Gum Company, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Series Title: U.S. Navy - Series A
ACC No.: R112-6
Manufactured by: Leaf Gum Company, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Number of Cards: 22 (w/o Packed with CARD-O CHEWING GUM line); 22 (with Packed with CARD-O CHEWING GUM line)
Numbering: unnumbered
Card Dimensions: 2¼ × 3½ inches with rounded corners (Playing Card Format)
Circa: World War II
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This wartime series of U.S. Navy Warship cards was issued by the Leaf Gum Company during World War II. The fronts of the cards feature a photo of a United States Navy warship. The warships range in size and function from the small Patrol Torpedo PT Boats to the giant Aircraft Carriers and Battleships. A white title strip denoting the name of the warship is located directly beneath the photo. It’s interesting to note, that a blue filler strip is located to the left side of all the uncentered photos. A white disk with a black border and the letters US is located on the lower right hand corner of each image area. There were two types of backs associated with the set.

The Type 1 landscaped card backs have three vertical segments: (1) The card title on the top; (2) a brief history of the warship located below the title; and (3) a set identification notation on the bottom. The set identification notation reads U.S. NAVY - Series A - 22 Cards. The Type 2 landscaped card backs are identical to the Type 1 cards except for the addition of an advertising line at the bottom of the card. The line starts and ends with a star, with the notation ☆   Packed with CARD-O CHEWING GUM   ☆. We currently have no information of the packaging scheme (i.e. wrappers, retail display boxes, etc.) for the series. The American Card Catalog reference number for the series is R112-6.


Type 1 Series

Type 2 Series


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