Allison Piearce — Allison is the owner of the “Little Red Dog” website based in England. “Little Red Dog” sells a wide variety of vintage clothing and collectibles.

When one of Allison's elderly relatives sadly passed away, she discovered her amazing array of vintage clothes and collectibles tucked away in various cupboards and attic rooms in her house. Some of the bedrooms were like time capsules; the wardrobes filled with vintage clothes (some of which dated from as far Back as the 1930s) and dressers adorned with vintage bottles, old books and ephemera from the past six decades.

As Allison explored deeper into the attic rooms she discovered an Aladdin's cave of fantastic collectable ephemera … items that many people would have thrown away over the years … including food packaging, brochures, newspapers and magazines; all neatly folded and stacked into bundles.

After Allison listed a few items on an online auction site, she quickly realized there were thousands of collectors out there looking for all different types of items. So she decided to launch her own website, the … “Little Red Dog” to list all of her discoveries on, and in one central place.

Allison only lists items that have been in her own families' homes, she can vouch for their provenance; she has found this to be very important to collectors. She has had great fun researching all of the items before they get uploaded to the “Little Red Dog” and notes that it's very easy to get side-tracked when reading through all of the old newspapers & magazines from a by-gone era.

Allison and the “Little Red Dog” have met some lovely people along the way; from individual people simply looking for a vintage fancy dress costume, to serious collectors of vintage ephemera. She has also helped theaters and TV production companies with clothes and props for their shows & films. Most of “Little Red Dog's” vintage clothing and collectibles have found new homes in the UK; but the “Little Red Dog” is very happy to ship overseas and has had customers from all over Europe, the USA, Australia and Asia.

Allison still has many more items to list on the “Little Red Dog” website, and hopes to continue building her community of followers who are interested in all things vintage. be sure to check out the “Little Red Dog” by clicking on their logo below.


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