1930s Famous Aviators Premiums (F277-5)
H.J. Heinz Company, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA

Set Overview

Series Title: Famous Aviators Premiums
American Card Catalog №: F277-5
Manufactured by: H. J. Heinz Company
Type of Card: Mail order premium
Country: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Number of Cards: 4
Card Dimensions: 9 × 13¼ inches
Circa: Late 1930s
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When the subject of mail-order collectible “Premiums,” is brought about, the H.J. Heinz Company’s “Famous Aviators Pictures” and their “Famous Airplane Pictures” lithographs always bubbles up to the surface! The Heinz “Famous Aviators Premiums (F277-5)” and the Heinz “Famous Airplanes Premiums (F277-3),” are generally considered to be among best and also the scarcest of these types of offerings.

This “Famous Aviators Premiums (F277-5)” premium set includes four attractive “scaled-up” lithographs based upon the original artwork used for the “Famous Aviator Pictures, Series 2” (F277-4b) card set. The original “card” artwork was “scaled-up” to facilitate framing so the premiums could be hung on the wall.

The following “Famous Aviators Premiums (F277-5)” images were computer enhanced by scaling-up smaller card images. The quality of these images are somewhat less than desirable, but it gives you an indication of what the actual premium lithographs look like. Nonetheless, if you wish to acquire an original “high-quality” set of these four Premium-lithographs, be prepared to spend a lot of money.



xCard Title
1Col. Charles A. Lindbergh
3Capt. “Eddie” Rickenbacker
4Col. Roscoe Turner
10Louise Thaden


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