1937 Famous Airplanes Premiums (F277-3)
H.J. Heinz Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


Series Title: Famous Airplanes Premiums
American Card Catalog №: F277-3
Manufactured by: H. J. Heinz Company
Country: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Number of lithographs: 4
Numbering: skip-numbered
Card dimensions: 336 × 228 mm
Issued: 1937

Each of these “Famous Airplanes Premiums” was available directly from the manufacturer after the local grocer signed off on a coupon included with the album from the preceding set that acknowledged completion of all 25 cards. Theoretically, to obtain all four premiums, one would have to eat 100 boxes of cereal, which likely accounts for their extreme scarcity today. The original letter from H.J. Heinz, Pittsburgh, PA, is the first item. It was sent, along with two of these airplane trading cards. The letter introduces the series, and indicates that most of the popular and famous aviators of that day ate Heinz Rice Flakes or Heinz Breakfast Wheat for their breakfast. Collecting the cards to be placed in a Modern Aviation Album which was included with the letter. When the album was full of the set of 25 cards, you were to take the completed album to your grocer to have him sign the coupon to be returned to Heinz for a “free” color picture of an airplane for framing.” [1]

When the subject of mail-order premium pictures comes up, the Heinz “Famous Airplanes Premiums” are generally considered to be the rarest of these types of prints or lithographs. This particular series includes four large lithographs from the second “Famous Airplane Pictures, 2nd Series” (F277-1) series. The prints measure 336 × 228 mm and include extra wide borders to facilitate framing so they could be hung on the wall. In reality, the lithographs are nothing more than enlarged prints of the small cards with wide borders. Nonetheless, if you wish to acquire an original set of these prints, be prepared to spend a lot of money. The American Card Catalog reference number for this series is F277-3.


Original Scans


xCard Title
1Roscoe Turner’s Original “57” Racer
2Boeing 247 Transport
16Vought Corsair
25Consolidated (Navy Patrol)


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