1935-1939 “Famous Airplane Pictures, 2nd Series” (F277-1)
H. J. Heinz Company

F277-1 Overview

Series Title: Famous Airplane Pictures - 2nd Series
American Card Catalog №: F277-1
Manufactured by: H. J. Heinz Company
Country: United States<
Number of Cards: 25
Card Dimensions: 1⅞ × 3 inches
Circa: 1935 through 1939
Checklist: F277-1 Checklist

During 1934, the H. G. Heinz Company issued their first series of 25 “Famous Airplane Pictures” trading cards. Chronologically, this is the first of two distinct series of “Famous Airplane Pictures” card series that were issued by the H. G. Heinz Company. The cards for these series were packaged with “Heinz Breakfast Wheat” and “Heinz Rice Flakes” breakfast cereals. The first series “F277-2” was issued during the 1934 and 1935 timeframe. This series is the second series, “F277-1” and was issued from 1935 through 1939. Both series contained 25 cards with multiple printings, and both series shared identical checklists. The first series (F277-2) featured aircraft mostly in silhouette form against background colors like those used for the 1939 World's Fair trading cards (orange and blue). This second series (F277-1) is by far the more attractive of the two series. The artwork for the second series is painted in beautiful pastels and presents a more realistic representation of the aircraft in flight.

The two series are easily distinguishable from each other by the front title on the card. The first series of cards (F277-2) have the card number noted twice on the card front. The second series (F277-1) of cards of lists the card number once on the card front. A comparison of the two series is shown below. The cards measure 1⅞ × 3 inches. The American Card Catalog reference number for this series is F277-1. Note, the American Card Catalog¹ by J. R. Burdick for some reason placed the reference numbers for the two Heinz “Famous Airplane Pictures” card sets out of sequence; F277-2 is actually the first set and F277-1 is the second set. It's a bit confusing, that's the way it is!

F277-1 Multiple Printings 2,4

There were multiple printings of this series during from 1935 to 1939. We know of seven distinct printings. The printing sequence number appears on the backs of the cards in the lower right hand corner. The seven printings are 23235 (20 August 1935), 9836 (7 April 1936), 14636 (25 May 1936), 13137 (11 May 1937), 3238 (2 February 1938), 22738 (15 August 1938), & 0969 (6 April 1939). “23235” means that the cards were printed on the 232nd day of 1935. “9836” translates to the 98th day of 1936, etc.

F277-1 Image-Guide 3,4

“Modern Aviation” Album (#13137) 4

There were two different albums associated with the F277-1 and F277-2 “Famous Airplane Pictures” series. The first was printed in 1935 (#18235) in the second in 1937 (#13137). Obviously the 1937 album is the one that was associated with this series. Details of the 16-page #13137 album are shown below.

1935-1939 Heinz “Famous Airplane Pictures, 2nd Series” (F277-1) Checklist

We have provided two versions of the 1935-1939 Heinz “Famous Airplane Pictures, 2nd Series” (F277-1) 7×25-card sets. An 8½ × 11 inch PDF version, and the web version shown below. Click on the PDF graphic below to access the PDF version.

1935-1939 “Famous Airplane Pictures, 2nd Series” (F277-1)
H.J. Heinz Company, Pittsburg, PA, United States
Front Card Title / Back Card Title
1Roscoe Turner's Original “57” Racer / Roscoe Turner's Original “57” Racer
2Boeing 247 Transport / Boeing 247-D Transport
3Sikorsky Flying Boat S42 / Sikorsky S-42 Flying Boat
4Kinner Monoplane R-5 / Kinner Monoplane R-5
5Aeronca C3 / Aeronca C-3
6Douglas Amphibion / Douglas Amphibion
7Stinson Model / Stinson Model A
8Stearman Model 80 / Stearman Model 80
9Beechcraft / Beechcraft
10Lockheed Electra / Lockheed Electra
11Northrup Delta / Northrup Delta
12Waco Model D / Waco Model D
13Great Lakes Sport-Trainer / Great Lakes Sport-Trainer
14Kellett Autogiro K-4 / Kellett Autogiro K-4
15Pitcairn Autogiro Pa-19 / Pitcairn Autogiro PA-19
16Vought Corsair / Vought Corsair
17Fairchild 24 / Fairchild 24
18Curtiss-Wright Condor Transport / Curtiss-Wight Condor Transport
19Douglas DC-2 Transport / Douglas DC-2 Transport
20General Aviation GA-43 Transport / General Aviation GA-43 Transport
21Vultee Transport Monoplane / Vultee 1-A Transport
22Bellanca Aircruiser / Bellanca Aircruiser
23Amphibion Privateer P-3-B / Amphibion Privateer P-3 B
24The “YB” Martin Bomber / Martin Bomber
25Consolidated (Navy Patrol) / Consolidated Model P2Y-1
n/a      “Modern Aviation” Album (13137)


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