“Planes and Ships,” Series A
By: John A. Shupek (Skytamer Images)

  • Series Title: Planes and Ships, Series A
  • American Card Catalog No.: DC4
  • Issued by: Stuhmer's Bread
  • Country: Canada
  • Number of Cards: 32
  • Card Dimensions: 2.98 × 2.43 inches (measured)
  • Circa: World War II (early 1940s)


We recently acquired this card on eBay. It is literally the first Stuhmer's Bread “Ships and Planes, Series A” card that we have been able to acquire. The American Card Catalogue refers to this set as a Canadian Bakery card set with the reference number DC4. However, they do not note the number of cards in set, but report that the set is the same as the Canadian FC18 “Warplanes and Ships” set that contains 32 cards.

Image Guide

So far, this is the only card we have. We're looking forward to receiving help for this set.


As you can see, we need a lot of help with this set. We are in need of 600-dpi scans of the fronts and Backs of the cards, and a checklist of the set. If you can help us out, please use the “Contact Us” link. If you are able to help us, we will acknowledge your contribution at the end of this page. If you have a business, business card or a website that you would like us to acknowledge, we'll include it.


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