Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles, California, 12/1/2007

Periodically, Skytamer likes to visit Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), grab a quick lunch at a local takeout place, and visit the LAX overlook in El Segundo. The following sequence of photos was taken on December 1, 2007. The photos have been sorted by manufacturer, designation and construction number. What is interesting about the photos is that instead of showing just one photo of an individual aircraft, we have included the actual takeoff sequences, which show the various stages of gear retraction as the aircraft takes off. Enjoy!

Airbus A300-200 Series

Airbus A319-100 Series

Airbus A320-200 Series

Boeing 737-300 Series

Boeing 737-700 Series

Boeing 737-800 Series

Boeing 737-900 Series

Boeing 747-200 Series

Boeing 747-400 Series

Boeing 757-200 Series

Boeing 757-300 Series

Boeing 767-200 Series

Boeing 777-300 Series

Canadair CRJ-200 Series

Canadair CRJ-700 Series

Embraer ERJ-145LR

Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV

McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Series

McDonnell Douglas MD-81 Series

McDonnell Douglas MD-82 Series

LAX and Hollywood

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