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North American QF-86F “Sabre”
Target drone conversion of F-86F Sabre

Archive Photos 1,2

North American F-86F-40-NA Sabre (NA-231, AF 55-5048, c/n 231-50, to JASDF as 72-7750, returned to USAF, converted to QF-86F for USN) on display (8/12/2006) at the Santa Maria Museum of Flight, Santa Maria, California (Photo by John Shupek copyright © 2006 Skytamer Images)

North American QF-86F Sabre (627497) on display (10/6/2012) at the The U.S. Naval Museum of Armament and Technology, NAWS China Lake, California (Photos by Peter S. Kuntz, 10/6/2012)


  1. Photos: John Shupek, Copyright © 2006 Skytamer Images. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  2. Photos: Peter S. Kuntz, 10/6/2012

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