1933 “Sea Raiders”
World Wide Gum, United States

  • Series Title: Sea Raiders
  • ACC No.: R124 (USA), V359 (Canada)
  • Manufactured by: World Wide Gum
  • Country: United States/Canada
  • Number of Cards: 48
  • Card Dimensions: 2-3/8" x 2-7/8"
  • Circa: 1933
  • Checklist: Download


    Sea Raiders has been a long time favored with card collectors since the 1930s. "Sea Raiders" was issued by Goudey Gum via its affiliate company World Wide Gum in 1933. The Back of the card bears the statement "This is one of a series of 192 Sea Raiders Cards," however the series was terminated at only 48 cards. The fronts of the cards feature colorful artwork depicting pirate scenes. The series title "Sea Raider Chewing Gum" appears in a blue panel on the bottom front of the card.

    There are four card Back variants in the series: (1) Cards 1-24 with English text with a Boston address; (2) Cards 1-24 with English text and a Montréal address; (3) Cards with English text and a Montréal address; and (4) the so-called "Canadian" Back, which comes with both English and French text. The cards measure 2-3/8" x 2-7/8". The American Card Catalog reference numbers for the series is R124 and V359 (Canada).

    R124 "Sea Raiders" Image-Guide

    Wrapper & Retailer's Display Box

    Currently there appears to be only one wrapper associated with the series. If you should run across any other wrapper variants, please let us know. The "Sea Raiders" wrapper features a "blood-thirsty" Buccaneer centered on a yellow Background and surrounded by other pirate scenes. The 1¢ Retailer's Display Box is shown below. At this point we do not know the color scheme of the box. If you should have a box, a color photo of it would be appreciated.

    R124 Wrapper

    R124 Retailer's 1¢ Display Box


    The R124 "Sea Raiders" Checklist may be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon below.


    We need your help to complete the R124 "Sea Raiders" Checklist and Image Guide." If you can help us fill in any of the blanks, please let us know. Scans of the fronts and Backs of the missing cards would be appreciated. Scans of 600 dpi or greater are required for our needs.


    • 27 - Raveneau De Lussan
    • 28 - John Gow
    • 30 - Diego Grillo
    • 35 - Edward Low
    • 39 - Thomas Howard
    • 46 - "Dead Men Tell No Tales"
    • Retailer's 1¢ Display Box (color photo needed)

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