1977 Doncella “The Golden Age of Flying”
24-Cards, Doncella Cigars, United Kingdom

  • Series Title: The Golden Age of Flying
  • ACC No.: n/a
  • Manufactured by: Doncella Cigars
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Number of Cards: 24
  • Card Dimensions: 106 × 52 mm
  • Circa: 1977
  • Album: A “Wall Chart” was offered instead of an album.


To the aviation historian, airplane trading cards represent an interesting “portal” to the past. They illustrate what the key aviation events of that particular era were. This attractive set of 24 airplane trading cards concentrates on British aircraft from the pre-World War I era up through World War II. These “Doncella - The Golden Age of Flying” airplane cards were packaged in 1977 with Doncella Cigars. The cards measure 106 × 52 mm, and are numbered from 1 to 24 on the reverse side. The reverse side also includes a nicely condensed description of the aircraft. There was no album for the set, however a “Golden Age of Flying” wall chart was offered.


Display Wall Chart

There was no formal album for this series. Instead a “Golden Age of Flying Folder” that opened out to a wall chart was offered via the post. The buyer was to send a 25p postal order (crossed and made payable to John player and Sons) plus name and address to John Player and Sons, P.O. Box 55, John Player and Sons, Nottingham. To date, we have not seen this “Golden Age of Flying Folder”” and would appreciate a high-resolution scan (or scans) of the display folder. We also need to know the dimensions of the display folder.

Packaging or Wrapper

Currently we have no information about how this series was packaged and presented to the customer. Any insight would certainly be appreciated.


“The Golden Age of Flying”
Doncella Cigars, United Kingdom
N/AXCard Title
1Bristol Boxkite BAPC-2
2Blackburn Monoplane BAPC-5
3Sopwith Pup N5180 (G-EBKY)
4Avro 504K E3404
5Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5A F904 (G-EBIA)
6Bristol F.2b Fighter D8096
7Vickers Vimy H651 (G-AWAU)
8Hawker Tomtit K1786 (G-AFTA)
9Avro Tutor K3215 (G-AHSA)
10De Havilland Comet G-ACSS
11Bristol Boxkite BAPC-2
12Mignet Pou Du Ciel G-AEBB
13De Havilland Tiger Moth G-AYIT
14De Havilland Puss Moth G-ABLS
15Gloster Gladiator L8032 (G-AMRK)
16Fairey Swordfish LS 326
17Miles Magister P6382 (G-AJDR)
18Miles Messenger RG333 (G-AIEK)
19Westland Lysander R9125
20Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC LF363
21Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Va AR501
22Avro Lancaster B1 PA474
23De Havilland Mosquito T3 RR299
24Fairey Firefly Mk.V WB271
n/a“Completion Offer” Card
n/a“The Golden Age of Flying” Wall Chart


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