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Great Lakes Naval Training Center Illinois Master Listing Granite City, American Veterans Post 51

Glenview — NAS Glenview Museum
Illinois Aviation Museum Guide

NAS Glenview Museum [1]
2040 Lehigh Avenue
Glenview IL 60026
(847) 657-0000

When passing through Glenview, another site to check out is the NAS Glenview Museum. The Museum includes a Sikorsky HH-52A “Seaguard” (USCG 1459, c/n 62-138) that once hung in Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. They also have a TBM “Avenger” engine that was recovered from Lake Michigan. We would appreciate additional information about the museum's collection.

  • Sikorsky HH-52A “Seaguard” (USCG 1459, c/n 62-138)
  • Wright R-2600 Radial Engine

Help Needed

We need photos of these aircraft. If you can help, please let us know via the “Contact Us” link.


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