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Northrop Alpha 4 “N” Listings Northrop Y1C-19

Northrop Alpha 4A
Single-engine one-place open-cockpit all-metal cargo land monoplane

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The Northrop Alpha 4A was issued ATC 461 25 February 1932. The Northrop Alpha 4A designation applies to ten aircraft converted during 1932. Eight of the Northrop Alpha 4s were further converted with Goodrich De-Icers installed on the leading edges of the wings, radio mast, stabilizers, and vertical fin, to become Northrop Alpha 4A's. The work was done in TWA's Kansas City service shops. TWA later purchased two additional Northrop Alpha 2s, which were also converted to Northrop Alpha 4A's. All were flown as pilot-only all-weather day-and-night mail ships.

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