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Northrop Alpha 3
Single-engine one/three-place (two-passenger plus cargo) closed-cabin land monoplane

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Northrop Alpha 3

The Northrop Alpha 3 was issued ATC Gr. 2-335 on 14 April 1931. The Alpha 3 designation covered eleven aircraft, 5 built, 6 converted. During 1931, the balance of the Northrop Alphas, with 420-hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp engines, were finished as Alpha 3s, with pilot and passenger seating, reduced to only one or two passengers. Changes included installation of a mirror radio, landing lights, a larger battery, and a large red hazard light attached to the leading edge of the left wingtip. Five of the Alpha 3s were sold directly to TWA (less engines) and the other six in the airline's service were converted Alpha 2s.

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