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North American 500S Shrike Commander “N” Listings Northrop Alpha 2

1929 Avion Experimental No. 1 (Northrop)
Single-engine 2-seat open cockpit twin-boom experimental land monoplane

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(Northrop) Avion Experimental No. 1 (NX216H) shown in both the Pusher and Tractor configurations. (Historic photos by Northrop)


The Avion Experimental No. 1 was the original flying wing, developed by John K. Northrop for the Avion Corporation, 4515 Alger Street, Los Angeles, California. John Northrop patented the design on 10 May 1929 (#1,929,255). The application for a X license was placed on 5/11/1929 as a 2-place dual-control pilot and passenger ship. The license was issued on 5/31/1929. The aircraft was test-flown at Muroc Dry Lake, California, by Eddie Bellande. The aircraft was transferred on 11/23/1929 to Northrop Aircraft Corporation, United Airport, Burbank, California. The aircraft was reapproved for X license on 12/6/1928, with the engine now referred to as a British Cirrus, and publicly introduced on 2/10/1930. The aircraft was first flown as a pusher configuration, then as a tractor configuration. On 9/22/1930, Northrop advised the CAA that flights with the aircraft would be discontinued "pending numerous wind tunnel and laboratory tests." There is no further record of this aircraft.

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