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Send Carlos — San Carlos Apache Reservation
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North American F-86D-25-NA "Sabre Dog"
San Carlos Apache Reservation
San Carlos, Arizona

Recently, AFIA (A Friend in Arizona) visited the San Carlos Apache Reservation, located in Gila County, Arizona. San Carlos is the largest community in and the seat of government for the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. San Carlos has a North American F-86D-25-NA “Sabre Dog” (AF 51-5915) mounted on a pole near the San Carlos Intermediate School. The aircraft display is bounded by Mohave Avenue and Yavapai Street. Unfortunately, the aircraft has been the victim of vandalism and has been severely damaged. Hopefully, the community of San Carlos, will in the near future resolve this problem. the following photos were taken by AFIA on 1 August 2011.

North American F-86D-25-NA “Sabre Dog” (AF 51-5915, c/n 173-59), San Carlos Apache Reservation, San Carlos, Arizona (8/1/2011 photos by AFIA).

After visiting the North American F-86D “Sabre Dog” at San Carlos, AFIA continued on to the San Carlos Apache Airport (P13) located in Globe, Arizona. P13 yielded several derelict aircraft. When looking at photos of derelict aircraft, you should always view them as an educational tool. Agree, the photos themselves are not particularly inspiring, however the photos themselves usually show design and construction details that are never seen on the all-up aircraft. These types of photos are always useful for modelers, and those who are interested in the basic construction of vintage aircraft. P13 had the following three aircraft parked near the runway.

Grumman HU-16C “Albatross”, BuNo 137915, c/n G-388, N4796U, San Carlos Apache Airport (P13), Arizona, photo by AFIA (8/1/2011 photos by AFIA).

1954 Beech Model E18S “Twin Beech”, N203C, s/n BA-35, San Carlos Apache Airport (P13), Arizona, photo by AFIA (8/1/2011 photos by AFIA).

Beech “Twin Beech” derelict, San Carlos Apache Airport (P13), Arizona, photo by AFIA (8/1/2011 photos by AFIA).

Special Thanks

A very special thanks to AFIA (A Friend in Arizona) for providing us with photos of the aircraft at this location.

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