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Nebraska Aviation Museum Guide
Aviation Museums, City Park Airplane Displays


Strategic Air & Space Museum
28210 West Park Highway
Ashland, Nebraska 68003
Phone: (402) 944-3100
FAX: (402) 944-3160
(located off Hwy 80, Exit #426, between Lincoln and Omaha)
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  • Avro Hawker-Siddeley Mk. II "Vulcan"
  • Boeing B-17G "Flying Fortress"
  • Boeing B-52B "Stratofortress"
  • Boeing EC-135 "Looking Glass"
  • Boeing KC-97G "Stratofreighter"
  • Boeing TB-29 "Superfortress"
  • Convair B-36J "Peacemaker"
  • Convair B-58A "Hustler"
  • Convair F-102A "Delta Dagger"
  • Convair T-29A "Flying Classroom"
  • Douglas A-26B "Invader"
  • Douglas C-47A "Skytrain"
  • Douglas C-54D "Skymaster"
  • Fairchild C-119G "Flying Boxcar"
  • General Dynamics FB-111A "Aardvark"
  • Grumman HU-16B "Albatross"
  • Lockheed SR-71A "Blackbird"
  • Lockheed T-33A "T-Bird"
  • Lockheed U-2C "Dragon Lady"
  • Martin B-57E "Intruder"
  • McDonnell F-101B "Voodoo"
  • McDonnell XF-85 "Goblin"
  • Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21F "Fishbed-C"
  • North American B-25N "Mitchell"
  • North American F-86H "Sabre"
  • North American RB-45C "Tornado"
  • North American T-39A "Sabreliner"
  • Piasecki CH-21B "Work Horse"
  • Republic F-84F "Thunderstreak"
  • Rockwell International B-1A "Lancer"
  • Sikorsky H-19B "Whirlwind"


Fairbury Municipal Airport (KFBY)
Fairbury, NE 68352
Phone: (402) 729-7161
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  • North American F-100 "Super Sabre"

Lincoln Map

Nebraska Air National Guard
155th Air Refueling Wing
2925 NW 25th Street
Lincoln Map, NE 68524
Phone: (800) 688-2196
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  • McDonnell Douglas RC-4C "Phantom II"
  • Republic F-84F "Thunderstreak"
  • North American F-86L "Sabre"
  • Lockheed T-33A "T-Bird"


McCook Army Air Base, Historical Society
Location: Former McCook Army Airbase
311 East Second Street
McCook, NE 69001
Phone: 308-345-7982
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  • Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress


The Harold Warp Pioneer Village
P.O. Box 68
138 East Highway 6
Minden, NE 68959
Phone: (800) 445-4447 or (308) 832-2750
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Approximately twenty vintage aircraft on display, including:

  • Bell P-59B "Airacomet"
  • Bensen B-6
  • Bensen B-7
  • Cessna
  • Curtiss
  • Curtiss JN-4D
  • Curtiss JN9
  • Ercoupe 67
  • Hartman
  • Heath Parasol 5
  • PCA-2
  • Piper J-2
  • Piper PA-23
  • Sikorsky
  • Stinson Detroiter 30
  • Swallow
  • Weed Hopper
  • Wright Flyer (replica)

We would appreciate an up-to-date listing of this museum's aircraft assets.


Freedom Park Navy Museum
2497 Freedom Park Road
Omaha, NE 68110
Phone: (402) 345-7788
Fax: (402) 345-7799
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  • Bell UH-1H
  • Douglas A-4D "Skyhawk"
  • Sikorsky SH-3 "Sea King"
  • Vought A-7 "Corsair II"


  • USS Hazard (AM-240 Mine Sweeper)
  • USS Marlin (SST-2 Submarine)
  • USS Towers (DDG-9 Captains Gig)

We would appreciate an up-to-date listing of this museum's aircraft assets.


Offut Air Force Base
55th Wing Public Affairs Office
Phone: (402) 294-6017
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  • Boeing B-17F "Flying Fortress" (42-3374)
  • Boeing B-52G "Stratofortress" (57-6468)
  • Boeing EC-135A "Stratolifter" (61-0287)

Offutt AFB, Nebraska is located 8 miles south of Omaha. The base was activated in 1896 as the US Army's Fort Crook. The base was later named in honor of 1st Lt. Jarvis J. Offutt, a World War I pilot who died on 13 August 1918. The base covers 4,044 acres, which includes housing areas and off-base sites. The base population includes 9,400 active duty and 1,400 civilian personnel. Major units at Offutt AFB include the US Strategic Command, the 55th Wing, the HQ Air Force Global Weather Center, Defense Finance and Accounting, and the National Airborne Operations Center Service. Weapons systems at the base include: E-4B, RC-135S/U/V/W, EC-135C, TC-135S/W, KC-135E, WC-135W, and OC-135B aircraft. The base runway is 11,700 feet.

South Sioux City

Martin's Flying Service
615 Old Highway 20 W
South Sioux City, NE 68776
Phone: (402) 494-3667
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  • Vought A-7D "Corsair II"

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