U.S. Military Aircraft Serial Numbers

General Dynamics F-16C Block 42D “Fighting Falcon”

Okay, you just got your snapshots back from being developed, and you got this great picture of a USAF fighter. However, you're not quite sure what it is. By knowing the serial number of the aircraft, you can immediately identify it. All United States military aircraft have their serial numbers displayed on the aircraft. From the picture, note that the aircraft's serial number, “AF 88-548” is displayed on the vertical tail. The “OK” above the serial number is the “tail code” which identifies where the aircraft is from, and what unit it belongs to. “Tail Codes” are discussed in another section. Back to the serial number …

The best U.S. Military Aircraft Serial Number database on the internet is “Joseph F. Baugher's Home Page.” Joe has compiled all the serial numbers for both US Navy, US Air Force and US Coast Guard aircraft since their beginnings. A search of Joe Baugher's web site showed that “AF 88-548” is a General Dynamics F-16C Block 42D “Fighting Falcon.”

Be sure to visit Joe Baugher's Home Page via our Aviation Links section.

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