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The best way to identify a civil aircraft is by its registration number. So, whenever taking photos of aircraft, always make sure that you’ve included a picture of the aircraft’s registration number or the tail number of aircraft. This is extremely helpful later on when you’re trying to identify the aircraft in your photos. The United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, and many other countries all maintain excellent aircraft registration databases on the Internet. By having the registration number of the aircraft, you are just a “click” away from obtaining detailed information about the aircraft. Take a look at the picture of the Goodyear Blimp below. On the lower rudder of the aircraft are the numbers “N10A”. The “N” means that the blimp is registered in the United States. Now let’s find out from the FAA Registry some detailed information about this aircraft:

1Click on the United States Flag below. This will take you to the FAA Registry website.
2Click on N-Number
3Enter “10A” and click on the blue Go! button
4At this point the registration data for the aircraft will appear.

United States "N-Search"

Goodyear Blimp "Spirit of America" (N10A)

About N-Numbers

An N-number is an aircraft registration number used in the United States. All aircraft registered there have a number starting with N. Due to the large numbers of aircraft registered in the United States an alpha-numeric system is used. N-numbers may only consist of 1 to 5 characters and must start with a number other than zero and can not end in more than two letters. In addition, N-numbers may not contain the letters I or O, due to their close similarity with the numbers 1 and 0. Each alphabetic character in the suffix can have one of 24 discrete values, while each numeric digit can be one of 10, except the first, which can take on only nine values. This yields a total of 915,399 possible registration numbers in the name-space, though certain combinations are reserved either for government use or for other special purposes.

The following are the N-Number combinations that could be used:

  • N1 to N9 (Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) internal use only)
  • N1A to N9Z
  • N1AA to N9ZZ
  • N10A to N99 (Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) internal use only)
  • N10A to N99Z
  • N10AA to N99ZZ
  • N100 to N999
  • N100A to N999Z
  • N100AA to N999ZZ
  • N1000 to N9999
  • N1000A to N9999Z
  • N10000 to N99999

An older (pre-1950s) aircraft may have a second letter in its identifier, identifying the category of aircraft. This additional letter is not actually part of the aircraft identification (e.g. NC12345 is the same registration as N12345). Aircraft category letters have not been included on any registration numbers issued since about 1950, but they still appear on antique aircraft for authenticity purposes. The categories included:

  • C = standard
  • L = limited
  • R = restricted
  • X = experimental

International Aircraft Registration Searches

Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of (YA-)
Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation
MTCA website

Argentina, Republic of (LV-)
Administración Nacional de Aviación Civil
ANAC website

Australia (VH-)
Civil Aviation Safety Authority
CASA website

Austria (OE-)
Austro Control
Austrian Aircraft Register for Civil Aircraft
Austro Control website

Belgium (OO-)
Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport
Belgium Civil Aviation Authority
BCAA search

Bosnia and Herzegovina (E7-)
BHDCA - Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation
Civil Aircraft Register
BHDCA website

Botswana (A2-)
Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana
CAA Botswana

Brazil (PP-/PR-/PT-)
Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil

Bulgaria (LZ-)
Directorate General “Civil Aviation Administration”
Bulgarian CAA

Cabo Verde, República de (C4-)
Agência de Aviação Civil

Canada (C-/CF-)
Transport Canada - Civil Aviation
Registration searches.

Cayman Islands (VP-C)
Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands

Chile (CC-)
Consulta de Propietarios y Explotadores de Aeronaves
DGAC Chile

China (B-)
Civil Aviation Administration of China

Colombia (HK-)
Aeronáutica Civil de Columbia
ACC website
Colombian Civil Aircraft Register search

Czech Republic (OK-)
Úřad Pro Civilní Letectví
CAA website
Aircraft Register search

Denmark (OY-)
Danish Transport Authority
Danish Aircraft Register search

Estonia (ES-)
Estonian Civil Aviation Administration

Finland (OH-)
Finnish Transport Safety Agency
Finnish Civil Aircraft Register search

France (F-)
No longer available ... requires membership.

Georgia (4L-)
Georgian Civil Aviation Agency
Registered Aircraft list

Greece (SX-)
Hellenic CAA
Civil Aircraft Register PDF listing

Guatemala (TG-)
Gobierno de Guatemala
Direccion General De Aeronautica Civil

Hungary (HA-)
Registered Civil Aircraft
Requires translation

Iceland (TF-)
Flugmálastjórn Íslands
Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration

India (VT-)
Direcorate General of Civil Aviation

Ireland (EI-)
Irish Aviation Authority

Isle of Man (M-)
Isle of Man Government (Reiltys Ellan Vannin)
Aircraft Registry

Jamaica (6Y-)
Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority
Jamaican Civil Aircraft Register PDF download

Jordan (JY-)
Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission
Jordanian Registered Aircraft
Commercial Aircraft listing (only)

Latvia (YL-)
Civil Aviation Agency
Registered Aircraft PDF listing

Lebanon (OD-)
Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority (LCCA)
Registered Civil Aircraft listing

Lithuania (LY-)
Civilinės Aviacijos Administracija
Civil Aviation Administration
Registered Lithuanian Civil Aircraft list

Luxembourg (LX-)
Direction de l’Aviation Civile
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
Luxembourg Civil Aircraft Register PDF listing

Macau (B-M)
Autoridade de Aviação Civil
Civil Aviation Authority
List of Macau Registered Aircraft

Macedonia (Z3-)
Republic of Macedonia
Civil Aviation Agency
Macedonian Registered Aircraft Listing
Note: Search link not readily apparent

Malaysia (9M-)
DCA Malaysia
Department of Civil Aviation
Malaysian Civil Aircraft Callsign Register
Note: Search link not readily apparent

Maldives (8Q-)
Maldives Civil Aviation Authority
Maldives Civil Aircraft Register PDF listing.

Malta (9H-)
tm - Transport Malta
Civil Aviation Directorate
Maltese Civil Aircraft Register List

Mongolia (MT-)
Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia
Mongolian Civil Aircraft Register PDF format
Note: Search link not readily apparent

Montenegro (4O-)
Crna Gora Agencija za Civilno Vazduhoplovstvo
Agency Civil Aviation
Montenegro Civil Aircraft Register search

Netherlands (PH-)
Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport
Netherlands Registered Civil Aircraft search

Note: The link for the Netherlands is now [} under "Bestanden van het luchtvaartuigregister" (files of the aircraft register]. The download is a zip-file which contains 2 files: (1) An Excel-file with all aircraft and 38 columns, and {2] a PDF file with principally the same data, but presented in a better readable format.

New Zealand (ZK-)
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
New Zealand Current and Historical Civil Aircraft registrations.

Norway (LN-)
Civil Aviation Authority - Norway
Norwegian CAA Civil Aircraft Register
Monthly Reports (PDF)

Papua New Guinea (P2-)
Civil Aviation Authority
Papua New Guinea Civil Aircraft Register

Pakistan (AP-)
Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority
Official Pakistan Civil Aircraft Register
Follow Links: > Regulatory > Airworthiness > Pak Registered Aircraft

Poland (SP-)
Poland Civil Aviation Authority

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    SP-AAA to SP-ZZZ
  • SP-0*** - Motor-gliders
  • SP-1*** to SP-3***, SP-8*** - Gliders
  • SP-B** - Balloons
  • SP-L** reserved for LOT Polish Airlines
  • SP-S*** - Ultralights
  • SP-X*** - Autogyros
  • SP-Y** - Experimental

Romania (YR-)
Aeronave din România
Aircraft from Romania
Follow Links: Translate > Search Aircraft > By type and model

San Marino (T7-)
Republica di San Marino
Autorità per L’Aviazione Civil e la Navigazione Marittima

  1. San Marino Aircraft Registry …
  2. Enter (Aircraft below 5,700 kgs and Piston Helicopters …
  3. Registration …
  4. List of Registered Aircraft.

Serbia (YU-)
Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia

  1. Aircraft Registry.

Seychelles (S7-)
Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority SCAA

  1. e-LIBRARY …
  2. Regulatory e-Registers …
  3. e-Registers …
  4. Seychelles Aircraft Civil Register Summary Details (Updated …)
  5. (PDF)

Singapore (9V-)
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore CAAS
List of Singapore Registered Aircraft
Note: Click on Month for data.

Slovakia (OM-)
Letecký úrad Slovenskej republiky
Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic
Slovakian Civil Aircraft Register PDF Link

  1. First Translate, then …
  2. Aircraft (Lietadlá)
  3. Register Aircraft (Register Liertadla)
  4. List Register (Zoznam registra) at bottom of page
  5. Click on PDF icon

South Africa (ZS-/ZT-/ZU-)
South African Civil Aviation Authority Online
South African Civil Aircraft Register database
Note: searchable database hosted by AvDex. You need to register (free) to use the database.

Spain (EC-)
AESA Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aéra

  1. Aircraft …
  2. Enrollment, Ratings and Registration …
  3. Registration of Aircraft Registration …
  4. relationship of aircraft.

Sri Lanka (4R-)
Civil Aviation Authority Sri Lanka

  1. Vital Data …
  2. Civil Aircraft Registry
  3. C of R Registry up to … (to open PDF document)

Suriname (PZ-)
Civil Aviation Authority Suriname

  1. Diensteb (services) …
  2. Aircraft Register (pull-down)

Sweden (SE-)
Transport Styrelsen

  1. Translate Home page to English
  2. Air service (Luftfart) …
  3. Aircraft and Airworthiness (Luftfartyg och luftvärdighet) …
  4. Search Aircraft (Sök luftfartyg)

Switzerland (HB-)
Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA)
Swiss Civil Aircraft Registrations
Official searchable database

Tanzania (5H-)
Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority Official Civil Aircraft Register

United Kingdom (G-)
Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
UK Current and Historic Civil Aircraft searchable database.

United States of America (N)
Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)
Official FAA Civil Aircraft Registration Searchable database.

Uruguay (CX-)
Dirección Nacional de Avación Civil e Infraestructura Aeronáutica (DINACIA)

  1. Click on Aircraft (Aeronaves)
  2. This will load a MS Excel database to be saved on your computer.
  3. A link will appear at the lower left hand corner to open the file.

Zambia (9J-)
Department of Civil Aviation, Zambia (DCA)
Note: The Zambia Civil Aircraft register is published as a service to the aviation industry and updated twice annually, on 1st January and 1st July. Copies of the register can be purchased from the Airworthiness Section of the Department.

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