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1920 Chronology of Aviation History
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1920 Aviation Records

  • Speed: (France), 194.49-mph, Joseph Sadi-Lecointe, Nieuport-Delage 29, 12 December 1920.

  • Distance: (UK), 1,884-miles, Alcock and Brown, Vickers Vimy, 15 June 1919.

  • Altitude: (USA), 34,610-feet, Roland Rohlfs, Curtiss Wasp, 18 September 1919.

  • Weight: (UK), 44,672-lbs, WG Tarrant Ltd., Tarrant Tabor.

  • Engine Power: (Italy), 700-hp, Fiat, A. 14

January 1920

  • No data.

February 1920

    February 1 — The South African Air Force is established as an independent air arm.

    February 4 — Pierre van Ryneveld and Quentin Brand set out in a Vickers Vimy from Cairo to cross Africa by air from North to South. They will arrive in Cape Town on March 20.

    February 5 — The Royal Air Force College is established at Cranwell, Lincolnshire.

March 1920

    March 29 — Croydon replaces Hounslow as London's airport.

April 1920

    April 8 — First flight of the de Havilland DH.18.

    April 13 — First flight of the Nieuport London.

    April 17 — The Venezuelan Air Force is formed, with a flying school at Maracay.

May 1920

    May 17 — KLM and Aircraft Transport and Travel begin a joint air service between London and Amsterdam.

    May 26 — First flight of the Tarrant Tabor.

June 1920

    June 4 — The US Army Reorganization Act is passed, dashing hopes for an independent air arm like Britain's Royal Air Force.

July 1920

    July 1 — Belgium establishes the first internal air-service of any European colony with the Lara-Ligne Aérienne Roi Albert in Belgian Congo.

    July 3 — The first Royal Air Force Pageant is held, at London.

    July 29 — U.S. Postal Office's first transcontinental airmail flight takes off from New York.

August 1920

    August — The Fokker F.II entered service with KLM.

September 1920

    September — First flight of the Blackburn T.1 Swift.

    September 8 — The final leg is added to the US trans-continental airmail service, across the Rocky Mountains from Omaha to Sacramento.

    September 20 — Schneider Trophy race flown at Venice, Italy. Lt. Luigi Bolgna in a Savoia S.12 is the only starter. Speed 172.6 km/h (107.3 mph).

October 1920

  • No data.

November 1920

    November 1 — The US Post Office awards a contract for international air mail to Aeromarine West Indies Airways.

    November 16 — Qantas is formed at Longreach, Queensland.

December 1920

  • No data.

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