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1910 Chronology of Aviation History
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1910 Aviation Records

  • Speed: 68.2-mph, Alfred Leblanc, Blériot XI, 29 October 1910, France

  • Distance: 363.34-miles, Maurice Tabuteau, Maurice Farman, 30 December 1910, France

  • Altitude: 10,170-feet, Georges Legagneux, Blériot, 8 December 1910, France

  • Weight: 2,950-lbs, Samuel Cody, Cody Michelin Cup

  • Engine Power: 177-hp, Clerget, Double Clerget 4W, France


  • 1910 — First night flights.

  • 1910 — Races between aeroplanes and cars are only won by racing cars.

  • 1910 — Hugo Junkers gets a patent for his thick wing/all-wing type aeroplane.

January 1910

  • January — First International Air Races in America. Held at Los Angeles.

  • January 4 — Leon Delagrange is killed at Pau after wings on Blériot collapse.

  • January 7 — Frenchman Hubert Latham is the first pilot to climb to 1000 meters.

  • January 10 to 20Los Angeles, CA … America held its first big air meeting at Dominguez Fields, approximately 10 miles south of Los Angeles.

February 1910
  • No data.

March 1910

  • March 1Châlons, France … Henry Farman made the first officially ratified night flight. Farman did this aboard a flying machine garlanded with Chinese paper lanterns attached to the tips of the wings to help him keep his bearings.

  • March 8Paris, France … Frenchwoman Baroness Raymonde de Laroche became the first certificated woman pilot in the world.

  • March 10 — Emil Aubrun makes the first night flights, in a Blériot Type IX at Villalugano, Argentina.

  • March 13 — Paul Engelhard makes the first flight in Switzerland, flying a Wright biplane from a frozen lake at St Moritz

  • March 14 — Louis Paulhan flies 146 km in a straight route from Orleans to Trois.

  • March 28Martigues, France … On this date, for the first time, an airplane took off from water. At the controls of his powered seaplane, the Canard, was Henri Fabre, a 28-year old engineer from Marseilles. This was Fabre's first flight. The flight took place at Lake Berre near Martigues on the Mediterranean.

April 1910

  • April — The French Air Force is formed as its own command, with a total of five aircraft.

May 1910
  • No data.

June 1910

  • June 2 — Charles Rolls makes the first successful return flight over the English Channel

  • June 17 — Romanian engineer and inventor Aurel Vlaicu flies his first airplane, Vlaicu I

  • June 30Lake Keuka, NY … On this date, Glenn Curtiss made "waves" in US naval circles by dropping "bombs" on a warship-shaped target. The target, marked with buoys on Lake Keuka, was hit with 18 out of 20 dummy bombs dropped by Curtiss from one of his airplanes. All of a sudden, the dreadnought battleship, looked vulnerable to aerial attack.

July 1910

  • July 5 — Bert Pither is reputed to have flown the first metal-framed aircraft at Riverton, New Zealand

  • July 9 — Frenchman Léon Morane sets a new speed record of 106 km/h.

  • July 12 — Charles Rolls is killed in a crash at Bournemouth, becoming the first British aviation fatality

  • July 29 — First flight of the Bristol Boxkite

August 1910

  • August 27Sheepshead Bay, NY … Flying at 656 feet over a rally at the Sheepshead Bay racecourse, Frederick "Casey" Baldwin and J. A. D. McCurdy took turns flying and sending radio signals to the ground below. With a light transmitter in a Curtiss biplane trailing a 49-foot aerial, the duo used a telegraph key on the steering wheel to send a Morse code message.

September 1910

  • September 6 — Blanche Stuart Scott makes the first solo airplane flight by a woman in the United States subsequently recognized by the Early Birds of Aviation.

  • September 10Hampshire, England … On this date, Englishman Geoffrey de Havilland, flew his first successful aircraft, de Havilland NÂș 2 biplane.

  • September 11Dublin, Ireland … First crossing of the Irish Sea, from Hollyhead, Wales to Dublin, Ireland was made by Robert Loraine in a Farman biplane.

  • September 16 — Bessica Raiche makes the first solo airplane flight by a woman in the United States to be accredited at the time by the Aeronautical Society of America.

  • September 23French Alps … Georges Chavez made the first aeroplane flight over the Alps in a Blériot monoplane. Tragically, on his final landing approach at about 30 feet, something snapped, and the aircraft fell to the ground. Chavez died several days later due to injuries from the crash.

October 1910

  • October — Romanian inventor Henri Coanda (1886-1972), built the first thermojet prototype, named the Coanda-1910; he exhibited it at the International Aeronautic Salon in Paris, and tested it at the airport in Issy-les-Moulineaux.

  • October 2 — The first mid-air collision takes place near Milan. Both pilots survive, but one is badly injured.

  • October 11 — Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first man who served as U.S. President to fly in an airplane (term ended in 1909).

  • October 14 — First confirmed flight over Norway by Carl Cederström.

November 1910

  • November 4 — Welshman Ernest Willows makes the first airship crossing from England to France with Willows No. 3 City of Cardiff.

  • November 14USS Birmingham … Curtiss professional test pilot, Eugene Ely, made the first successful take-off from a ship, the light cruiser USS Birmingham. On this flight Ely flew a Curtiss Model D biplane.

December 1910

  • December 16 — Henri Coanda's plane was the first jet to fly when unexpectedly was airborne when testing the engine.

  • December 21 — Hélène Dutrieu became the first winner of the Coupe Femina (Femina Cup) for a non-stop flight of 167 kilometers in 2 hours 35 minutes

  • December 23 — Lt. Theodore Ellyson of the United States Navy is assigned to flight training with the Curtiss company, making him the first naval aviator.

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