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1907 Chronology of Aviation History
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1907 Aviation Records

  • Speed: 37.85-mph, Wilbur Wright, Wright Flyer III, 5 October 1905, United States

  • Distance: 24.2-miles, Wilbur Wright, Wright Flyer III, 5 October 1905, United States

  • Altitude: 82-feet, Louis Blériot, Blériot VI, 17 September 1907, France

  • Weight: 1,151-lbs, Voisin Brothers, Voisin-Farman N°1, France

  • Engine Power: 54-hp, Renault, VB Renault, France


  • January to March (France) — The Blériot V is flown for the 1st time.

January 1907
  • No data.

February 1907
  • No data.

March 1907

  • March 16 (Château de Bagatelle, France) — Léon Delagrange flies a Voison biplane for 30 feet at Château de Bagatelle, France.

April 1907

  • April 6 (Great Britain) — Horatio Phillips achieves the first, limited, flight in Great Britain.

  • April 19 (Paris, France) — Louis Blériot flies and crashes his powered monoplane N° V at Bagatelle.

May 1907
  • No data.

June 1907
  • No data.

July 1907

  • July 11 (France) — First flight of the Blériot Type VI Libellule.

  • July 25 (Paris, France) — At Issy-les-Moulineaux, Louis Blériot flies 492 feet in his powered monoplane at N° VI the Libellule. The craft was built by Louis Peyret, the foreman at Blériot's works. The craft has two sets of wings in tandem.

August 1907

  • August 1 (Washington, DC) — An Aeronautical Division is formed in the U.S. Army Signal Corps to oversee “all matters pertaining to military ballooning, air machines, and all kindred subjects”.

September 1907

  • September 10 (Great Britain) — First flight of the Nulli Secundus, the British Army's first airship.

  • September 19 (Douai, France) — The brothers Louis and Jacques Breguet demonstrated their strange Gyroplane N° I by lifting itself about two feet off the ground. This was the first piloted helicopter flight.

  • September 29 (France) — Louis Breguet and Charles Richet demonstrate their Gyroplane N° I, the first rotary-wing aircraft to lift a person off the ground. The craft is still controlled by handlers standing around it on the ground.

  • September 30, 1907 (Paris, France) — After 225 attempts, Henry Farman takes off in his Voisin-Farman I biplane at Issy-les-Moulineaux. This initial flight was approximately 262 feet in length.

October 1907

  • October 5, 1907 (Paris, France) — At Issy-les-Moulineaux, Louis Blériot begins tests of his N° VII monoplane. The aircraft is fitted with a 50-hp Antoinette engine.

  • October 12 (England/Sweden) — Augustus Gaudron crosses the North Sea in a hot air balloon named Mammouth. He flies 1,160 km (721 miles) from The Crystal Palace, London to Lake Vänern, Sweden.

  • October 19 (Buc, France) — Robert Esnault-Pelterie becomes first pilot to fly using a control stick at Buc, France.

November 1907

  • November 5 (Paris, France) — At Issy-les-Moulineaux, Léon Delagrange flies 984 feet in a semicircle before crash-landing in his Voisin-Delagrange I biplane.

  • November 10 (France) — First flight of the Blériot Type VII, first aircraft of conventional modern configuration.

  • November 10 (Paris, France) — Henry Farman makes a flight of 3,379 feet in one minute 14 seconds in his Voisin-Farman I biplane. This was the first flight in Europe of over one minute.

  • November 13 (Lisieux, Calvados, France) — First piloted free flight in a rotary-wing aircraft by Paul Cornu at Lisieux. This first flight lifted Cornu about 30 cm (1 ft) and lasted 20 seconds. Sometimes recognized as first impractical helicopter flight.

  • November 30 (has, New York) — Glenn Curtiss founds the Curtiss Aeroplane Company. This is the first United States airplane manufacturing company.

December 1907

  • December 6 (Nova Scotia, Canada) — First flight of the AEA Cygnet, first manned flight of this tethered glider (also referred to as a kite) designed by Alexander Graham Bell. Flight was also first flight for Thomas Selfridge, who would die a year later as the first person killed in the crash of a powered aircraft.

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