The Skytamer Archive
High resolution airplane and warbird photo collection


The Skytamer Archive contains the master high resolution Airplane Photos and Airplane Trading Cards images presented in the website. The Skytamer Archive also contains the master photos for the Sky tamer’s World Travel section of the website ( The Skytamer Archive images are a combination of:

  • Photo and slide scans from our 35-mm airplane and travel photos.

  • A wide range of airplane and travel digital photos (ranging from 2 to 16+ mega pixels).

  • High resolution (300-dpi and 600-dpi) scans of Airplane Trading Cards.

  • Text-based information such as PDF's of Airplane Trading Cards checklists.

( Click on the above thumbnails to view full-size sample images. )

The airplane and travel photos are presented normally in a 4×6 format that yields 4×6 inch borderless photos. The travel photos are presented several formats including HD. The photos may be printed on your printer or processed at your local digital photo kiosk. The majority of the airplane photos are 3000×2000 pixels or greater. Older photos taken with earlier digital cameras have lower resolutions. The Skytamer Archive will eventually include our own high resolution renditions of selected airplane 3-view drawings and silhouettes, mainly World War II aircraft. (This section will always be in-work.)

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