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Royal Aircraft factory S.E.5E “R” Listings Rutan Quickie

Rutan Long-EZ
Two-seat Homebuilt Canard Monoplane

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1993 Rutan Long-EZ (N525BJ, s/n 1968) on display (7/16/2000) at the 2000 Torrance Airshow, Zamperini Field, Torrance, California (John Shupek photo copyright © 2000 Skytamer Images)

Rutan Long-EZ (N874PM, s/n 20371) on display (10/1/1989) at the Northrop '50'N Flying Airshow, Palmdale, California (John Shupek photos copyright © 2000 Skytamer Images)


  1. Photos: John Shupek copyright © 2003 Skytamer Images

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