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“Zoom Airplane Pictures, Series 3 ”
Gum Products Inc., United States

  • Series Title: ZOOM Airplane Pictures, Series 3
  • ACC No.: R177-3
  • Manufactured by: Gum Products, Inc., Cambridge, MA
  • Number of Cards: 100 Card Titles, 5 Border Colors per Title (500 Cards Total)
  • Card Dimensions: 2.458" x 3.125" (nominal)
  • Circa: 1940 and 1941
  • Checklist: Download

“ZOOM Airplane Pictures ” Series Overview

The “ZOOM Airplane Pictures ” cards issued with “Zoom Bubble Gum ” by Gum Products, Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts during 1940 to 1941, is undoubtedly one of the most challenging sets of airplane cards for collectors to acquire. Overall there are 175 images and 775 cards associated with the “ZOOM Airplane Pictures ” series. The “ZOOM Airplane Pictures ” series is divided into three distinct subsets.

  1. Series 1 — 75 cards, white borders, skip-numbered from 1 to 100
  2. Series 2 — 50 card images, 4 border colors, 200 cards total, skip-numbered from 1 to 100. Same aircraft images as used in Series 1.
  3. Series 3 — 100 card images, 5 border colors, 500 cards total, numbered from 101 to 200.

“ZOOM Airplane Pictures, Series 3 ” (500 Cards)

The “ZOOM Airplane Pictures, Series 3 ” contains a new series of 100 different aircraft images. The cards are numbered from 101 to 200. This series also uses the same color borders as in the second series, but also adds a red border series. The border colors associated with the series are therefore; Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, and Red. “ZOOM Airplane Pictures, Series 3 ” does not contain cards with white borders.

One can easily see that the best way to collect the “ZOOM Airplane Pictures ” series is by card number only. Collecting all 775 cards would be a monumental task, but not impossible. The “ZOOM Airplane Pictures ” series cards periodically pop-up for auction on eBay. However, it is quite rare to find the higher grade cards. The ZOOM Series 2 and ZOOM Series 3 colored cards are seldom seen on eBay auctions. The colored cards for the two series, particularly the higher grade cards, are very sought after by collectors.

“ZOOM Airplane Pictures, Series 3 ” Image Guide

“ZOOM Airplane Pictures, Series 3 ” Checklist

We have included two versions of checklist: (1) the web version shown below, and (2) an Adobe® Acrobat® PDF 8½ × 11 inch format checklist.

“ZOOM Airplane Pictures, Series 3”
Whitman Publishing Company, United States, 500 cards
RedBlueOrangeGreenYellow Card №Card Title
101Curtiss SNC-1
103Curtiss XSB2C-1
104Consolidated B-24
105Boulton Paul Defiant (Need 600-dpi Scan)
106Douglas B-19
107Ryan Dragonfly
108Vultee Vanguard 48C
109Vickers Supermarine Stanraer
110Vultee Valiant 54
111Lockheed Lodestar Model 18
112Lockheed Model 12 (Need 600-dpi Scan)
113Fairchild M-62A
114Fleetwings XBT-12
115Piper Cub Trainer (Need 600-dpi Scan)
116North American Yale NA-64
117Noorduyn Norseman IV (Need 600-dpi Scan)
118Grumman Goblin 23
119Grumman JRF-2
120Douglas SBD-1 (Need 600-dpi Scan)
121British “Sunderland” (Need 600-dpi Scan)
122British “Hurricane” (Need 600-dpi scan)
123British Hereford
124British Blenheim (Need 600-dpi Scan)
125Curtiss SNC-1
127Campbell D-96
129Twin Beechcraft
131Abrams (Need 600-dpi Scan)
132Sikorsky S-43
133Seversky SEV-3M
134Gwinn Aircar
135Miles Master
136North American NA-66
137Hammond YA
138Kellet Autogiro
139Grumman OA-9
140Duramold Model 46
141Kinner Playboy (Need 600-dpi Scan)
142Bell “Airaboneta” (Need 600-dpi Scan)
143Blackburn Botha I
144Canadian Norseman
145Cessna Airmaster
148Curtiss SOC-1
149Curtiss-Wright Condor
150Douglas 8A-5
151The Caribou
152British Gloster “Gauntlet” (Need 600-dpi Scan)
153Percival Q-6
154Ryan PT-20
155Howard (Need 600-dpi Scan)
156Vultee Valiant
157Consolidated Model 31 (Need 600-dpi Scan)
158Boulton Paul Defiant
161Hawker Hurricane
162Ryan XPT-16
163Republic XP-47B
164Stearman X-100
165Douglas DC-5
166Vought Sikorsky S-42
167Beechcraft D17R
168Martin Clipper
169Vickers-Armstrong's Wellington
170Bristol Bombay
171Hall Aluminum
172Short Sunderland
173Handley Page Hampden (Need 600-dpi Scan)
174Bristol Blenheim
175Kinner Envoy (Need 600-dpi Scan)
176North American Training Plane
177Grumman Widgeon
178Stinson Reliant
179Curtiss “Hawk”
180Ryan S-T-M
181Beechcraft 18 (Need 600-dpi Scan)
182Aeronca (Need 600-dpi Scan)
183Argonaut (Need 600-dpi Scan)
184Applegate Amphibian
185Beechcraft 18A (Need 600-dpi Scan)
186Beechcraft F17D
187Martin Maryland (Need 600-dpi Scan)
188Short B-3 (Need 600-dpi Scan)
189Fleetwing Seabird (Need 600-dpi Scan)
190Fleetwings XBT-12
191Beechcraft E17B
192Bell Airacuda
193Vultee V-12
194North American NA-25
195Bellanca Flash
196Vought-Sikorsky S-40
197Waco F-7
198Bellanca Skyrocket
199Fairchild F-24
200Bellanca Cruisair
ZOOM Airplane Series Album & Wrappers
n/aZOOM Airplane Pictures Album
n/aZOOM Bubble Gum Wrapper (Four-Engine Bomber)
n/aZOOM Bubble Gum Wrapper with 1¢ (Fighter)
n/aZOOM Bubble Gum Wrapper no 1¢ (Fighter)

"ZOOM Airplane Pictures" Series Wrappers

There appears to be three wrappers variations associated with the “ZOOM Airplane Pictures ” series. The first has a red, white and blue center with six airplanes “Zooming ” in the top panel. It does not have a copyright date printed on it and was probably used for the first series of 75 cards.

The second wrapper has a different design in the center, which is orange with green accents. It bears a copyright date of 1941 and has two different mail offers printed on the top and bottom panels. The top offer is for a 12-page album containing photographs of “72 of the finest and best airplanes in the world ” (25 “Zoom ” wrappers plus 10 cents). The promotion on the bottom pane offered a choice of any two large (9½" × 12½") airplane pictures, plus a surprise, also for 25 “Zoom ” wrappers and 10 cents. Because this second wrapper advertises a “New Series, ” collectors believe it was used to market the 101-200 sequence of cards. ”

The third wrapper is a variation of the 1941 wrapper show above, without the price information. This variation also has an offer expiration date of Dec. 31, 1942 rather than the 1941 expiration date shown on the Wrapper 2 design. All of the other features of the wrapper appear to be the same as the Wrapper 2 design.

Special Thanks

A very special thanks to Albert B. Kramer[1] of Roll-EZ Wheels for loaning us his ZOOM Airplanes, Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 collections and Album to scan. “Click ” on Al's card below to visit his website.

Also a very special thanks also to Bob Dros[2] of BEL-AIR MODELS of Amsterdam, Netherlands for supplying us with some of the ZOOM Airplanes, Series 3 scans shown above. BEL-AIR MODELS is the manufacturer of solid Perspex aircraft models. Each model is hand carved from a solid block, polished and painted with the airbrush to a very fine degree. Windows are kept clear for the see-through effect. The models are of museum quality, and in scale 1:72. (unless indicated otherwise). The types are chosen from the range of airliners of the Golden Age of aviation, roughly the period from 1920-1955, and most of them stem from the two decades before the second world war. A range of military airplanes is also part of the Bel-Air Models catalog. So far more than 120 types have been released, and found their way all over the world. Use the link below to see their catalogue showing the models that are released thus far.

Bob also has written a book about the Wright Flyers. It is a collection of the various airplane cards that feature the Wright Flyers.


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