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“Aircraft Recognition Cards” (F49)
Hood Country Peach Ice Cream, 42-cards, United States

  • Series Title: “Aircraft Recognition Cards”
  • American Card Catalog No.: F49
  • Manufactured by: HP Hood LLC, Lynnfield, MA
  • Packaged with: Hood Country Peach Ice Cream
  • Number of Cards: 42-cards
  • Numbering: unnumbered
  • Card Dimensions: 2¼ × 3½ inches with rounded corners (PLC - Playing Card Format)
  • Circa: 1952

Hood® Company Overview ¹

For more than 160 years, the name Hood® has been synonymous with fresh, quality dairy products that taste great. Founded in 1846 in Charlestown, Massachusetts by Harvey Perley Hood, the company has since extended its New England roots, and today Hood is a national company distributing dairy products throughout the United States. In fact, HP Hood LLC is now one of the country's largest branded dairy operators with 15 manufacturing plants throughout the United States. The company also maintains its own research and development operation, which supports the superior product quality and innovation that Hood® customers have come to expect.

Six Kimball Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940
Tel. 617-887-3000 or 800-343-6592


Hood® branded lines of milk, cream, ice cream, cottage cheese and sour cream regularly rank among the top branded dairy products in New England. The Hood® family of products also includes Simply Smart® Milks, and Calorie Countdown® low calorie dairy beverages. Hood® also has national and super-regional franchise rights to process and sell extended-shelf-life products including LACTAID®, BAILEYS® Coffee Creamers, Fiber One Cottage Cheese, HERSHEY®'S Milk & Milkshakes and Almond Breeze® Almondmilk.

Hood® Ice Cream was introduced more than 100 years ago at a Hood® dairy bar on Beacon Street in Boston and quickly became New England's favorite frozen dessert. In 1972, Hood® became the first dairy in the United States to produce Frozen Yogurt. Today, Hood® remains committed to superior product quality and continues to be an innovator in the frozen dessert category, offering a wide selection of ice cream varieties and flavors to choose from, including Hood® Ice Cream, Hood® New England Creamery Ice Cream, Hood® Fat Free Frozen Yogurt and Hood® Red Sox Ice Cream and Red Sox Ice Cream Singles.

The 1950s ²

Now that we've introduced you to the present Hood® company, let's take a look at a typical Hood's advertisement that promoted the airplane trading cards that were available upon purchase of Hood® Country Peach Ice Cream. The following advertisement and text for Hood® products was run in the Lewiston Daily Sun, Auburn, Maine, July 11, 1956. Additional ad copy adjacent to ad graphics “How to Feel like a Kid Again” are also presented below.


A heavenly old-fashioned dessert and a truly special guest treat. So right for warm weather refreshment. Get Hood Country Peach today … in half gallons as well as pints. It's the peachiest peach ice cream ever! And don't forget … for the kids … free airplane trading cards.

How to Feel like a Kid Again

Remember how you used to sit eagerly in the kitchen hoping for sample when Mother was cutting up the fruit for her own peach ice cream? Remember how diligently you turn the old crank freezer so you'd have first chances at licking the paddle when the job was done?

Well, in this modern day and age freezing equipment has had to change. But one thing Hood has never changed is that nostalgic country-kitchen quality. Hood still uses lots of peaches and lots of rich, heavy cream to create that wonderful flavor that really takes you Back to feeling like a kid again.

The peaches themselves are part of the secret. Some varieties just turn to chunks of ice when frozen in ice cream. Others to do the exact opposite - fall apart completely. But the Rio Oso variety grown only in Southern California is absolutely ideal for ice cream. And that's what Hoods been buying for years!

When our buyers visit an orchard they have instructions to select only the top grade peaches … and to assist on tree ripening. With peaches, as with any fruit, the flavor is far superior when they're really ripe.

When the peaches reach this peak of flavor, they're carefully picked and rushed immediately to nearby packers to be peeled, cut, sugared and quick-frozen while still at the height of goodness. Within 24 hours they're ready for the quick trip east by railroad refrigerator car.

Tons of the special peaches are shipped to us during the growing season. Each day fresh batches of this Hood Country Peach Ice Cream are made and each batch is filled with tasty bite-size pieces of fruit for real, honest-to-goodness peach flavor.

Now, of course, Hood could use one of the less expensive varieties of peach … or we could risk flavor loss by cutting down on the amount of peach. But that's not the Hood way. The expert personal selection of superior tree-ripened peaches and the fastidious care taken to make Hood Country Peach Ice Cream the best are typical of the extra precautions taken to make all Hood products extra good.

Whether it's Country Peach Ice Cream, Milk or Cottage Cheese, no wonder Hood is the name you and your family know you can trust.”

Lewiston Daily Sun, Aurburn, Maine, 11 July 1956, pg. 12

Airplane Cards Overview

During the early 1950s, a series of “Aircraft Recognition Cards” sets were issued by 3-Minute Oats (F285), Carnation Corn Flakes (F270-1), Hood Country Peach Ice Cream (F49), Whitman Publishing and the Oak Manufacturing Company (R724-1). All of these “Aircraft Recognition Cards” sets shared the same color photo/artwork. The Carnation Corn Flakes (F270-1), Hood Country Peach Ice Cream (F49) and the 3-Minute Oats (F285) sets were borderless PLC designs with rounded corners. The Whitman sets were also borderless, but had square corners. However, the “Premiere Trading Cards, Airplanes” (R724-1) set was of a conventional trading card design with square corners and substantial borders around the airplane photo image. The Backs of the cards all had simplistic three-view OML (outer mold line) drawings of the subject aircraft, along with a brief narrative about the aircraft. the cards measure 2½ × 3½ inches. The American Card Catalog reference number for the set is F49.

Image Guide 3,4

The Hood Peach Ice Cream F49 “Aircraft Recognition Cards” set consists of the following 42 cards. The following images were scanned from the Kramer Collection³ and the Skytamer Archive4. Behind each of the thumbnail images is a 600-dpi image of the card.


The following checklist lists the 42 cards in the Hood Country Peach Ice Cream “Aircraft Recognition Cards” F49 series. Remember that this is an “unnumbered” set of cards. The numbers shown in the checklist are merely the alphabetical sequence of the individual cards.

“Aircraft Recognition Cards” (F49)
Hood Country Peach Ice Cream
N/AXCard Title
1Bell 47-D Helicopter
2Bell X-1
3Boeing B-29 Superfortress
4Boeing B-47
5Boeing B-50 Superfortress
6Boeing C-97A Stratofreighter
7Boeing Stratocruiser
8Chance Vought F7U-1 Cutlass
9Convair B-36 Bomber
11Convair Turboliner
12Convair XB-46 Bomber
13Convair XF-81 Escort Fighter
14Convair XF-92 Delta Wing
15Douglas AD Skyraider
16Douglas C-124 — Globemaster
17Douglas D-558 Skystreak
18Douglas D-558-2 Skyrocket
19Douglas Super DC-3
20Douglas DC-6A Liftmaster
21Grumman Albatross
22Grumman F9F-2 Panther
23Lockheed Constellation
24Lockheed Constitution
25Lockheed F-90 Penetration Fighter
26Lockheed F94-A All Weather Interceptor
27Lockheed P2V Neptune Patrol Bomber
28Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star
29Martin 404 Transport
30Martin AM-1 Mauler
31Martin Caroline Mars
32Martin P4M-1 Mercator
33Martin XB-51
34North American AJ-1 Attack Bomber
35North American B-45 Tornado Jet Bomber
36North American F-86 Sabre
37North American T-28 Advanced Trainer
38Northrop F-89 Scorpion
39Northrop X-4
40Northrop YRB-49
41Republic F-84F Thunderjet (side view)
42Ryan Navion 205


According to the Hood website¹, Hood Country Peach Ice Cream is no longer their product line.

Special Thanks

A very special thanks to Albert B. Kramer of Roll-EZ Wheels, Inc. for helping us with this collection. be sure to visit Al's website via the link below.


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